By By Lully, Lullay (2022)

Performed by singers of the Royal Academy of Music, conducted by Emma Warren, at St James' Church, Sussex Gardens.

Music for the Royston Cave (2021)

A snippet from a track commissioned by the Royston Cave for use in their tours, aiming to conjure the historical intrigue and mystery surrounding the cave.

O Magnum Mysterium (2015)

The earliest of Harry's choral compositions. The text of O Magnum Mysterium is a christmastime matin responsory chant, set in this instance for SATB.

Dies Irae (2021)

Dies Irae for chamber ensemble

Jesus Christ is Risen Today - An Orchestral Easter Medley (2020)

This uplifting Easter medley uses three traditional Easter hymns, arranged for large orchestra.

Standing Ovation (2017)

After becoming a winning entry for the Royal Opera House's annual fanfare competition, this short fanfare for large orchestra was performed and recorded under the direction of Sir Antonio Pappano for the use at mainstage opera events at the Royal Opera House during the 2017/18 season. The fanfare draws thematic material from both Carmen and Die Zauberflöte.

Action Film Title Sequence (2021)

A short, bright, and bold sample title sequence for orchestra.

Uncovering the Past (2018)

Comissioned by Virtronix, this orchestral piece with heavily featured taiko drums was written to accompany an informational/promotional video for an archelogical dig in Norfolk, UK.

Flight of the Huntsman (2018)

A large orchestral fantasy work depicting the journey of a huntsman.

From Past to Present [NP Draft] (2019)

This piece was commissioned by the Welwyn Garden City centenary foundation as an ident and overall 'theme' to encapsulate the past, present, and future of the town.

The Adventures of Dilly and His Toy Kangaroo (2019)

Originally written for a small chamber ensemble, this fun and playful work has been reorchestrated for a symphony orchestra, and features a mix contrasting mixture of playful and dramatic orchestration.

Our Eternal Home (2018)

Commissioned by Virtronix, this orchestral piece was written to accompany a promotional video for a school in Southampton, UK, with a nod to the hymn 'O God our help in ages past'.